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I tried Jenny Craig for a week

Thank you Jenny Craig for sponsoring this post. — Get serious about losing weight with Jenny Craig!

I am the worst about weight yo-yoing. I gained 30 pounds my freshman year of college, lost 30 pounds, gained 15 back, etc. And on top of the yo-yoing, I have always had a hard time because I rely on food for boredom and emotional support. When I got the opportunity to try Jenny Craig, I jumped on it.


I knew the program took the guess work out of weight loss, so I prepared to dedicate myself. When reading about the program, I realized it avoided all the gimmicks and focused on normal, healthy weight loss.

Getting Started

First, I received a call from a Jenny consultant to order my food. I ordered anything from a cheesy omelette to a chocolate cheesecake! There was over 100 options – so the choices were endless!

I received my order on a Thursday, and with the order I received a booklet that listed serving sizes for fruits and vegetables. One of the great things about Jenny Craig is you can have unlimited non-starchy vegetables. This means when I was feeling some hunger pains, I could eat a bowl full of broccoli (which I have done frequently).

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig

Another thing I learned was that you have three limited food options a day. This meant that I get to keep drinking creamer in my coffee.

After using the handy grocery list section in the booklet, I headed to H-E-B for some supplies of my own. I grabbed some greek yogurt to use on days I didn’t have a shake – plus broccoli, grapes, strawberries and other Jenny approved items.

Jenny Craig

I came home and separated the groceries into individual serving sizes, and I was ready to receive my call from my consultant on my first day.

Talking to an Consultant

The cool thing about Jenny Craig is you have three ways to talk to your consultant – over the phone, over skype or in person.

I decided to talk to my consultant on the phone or on Skype. When we first spoke, she explained the benefits of Jenny Craig and the goal of natural, gradual weight loss (which is the healthiest kind). She helped me create a menu for the week, and she taught me how to use the Jenny Craig app and the planner to meet my weekly goals.

After getting a plan together, she talked about my weekly motivation. This is more than just lose weight (which is usually why people get on Jenny in the first place). My goal for the first week was to be more happier in the clothes I wear and to stop relying on food for emotional support.

Jenny Craig

The first thing I learned after talking to my consultant, Debi (shown in the photo above), was that you can still go out and stay on the program. My friend was moving into a new apartment, and I went on a hunt to help him find some curtains. Afterwards, he wanted to go get food.

We decided to go to Cheddar’s where I got broccoli and green beans. This counted as my vegetable serving to go with my Jenny Craig prepared dinner meal. When I got home, I had my Jenny, and I felt 100 percent guilt-free.

The Results After 1 Week

In the first 8 days, I lost 2 pounds. Some people will see a dramatic weight loss (around 5 pounds) the first week. However, I eat rather healthy 70 percent of the time, I jumped right on the gradual weight loss train.

*Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I received promotional consideration.

As for my body changes, I always know I am gaining weight when I start seeing saddle bags. Saddle bags are fat in the mid-section on the back.

After the first week, my saddle bags diminished significantly.

As for how I felt the first week, I never went hungry. When I did start to feel procrastination hunger pains, I just ate a bowl of chicken broth, and I felt fine.

My day started out with a Jenny breakfast item, fruit and a milk (either greek yogurt or the protein shake). By the time I made it to work, I had a anytime bar. Lunch always consisted of a lunch item and a salad, and before I even made it to dinner, I had a fruit serving. For dinner, I had Jenny Craig and a large vegetable serving and a Jenny Craig snack/dessert.

This was a ton of food – plus my limited free items like coffee with creamer.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig

I will be continuing with Jenny for the next month, so stay with me for my next post on my progess!

Have you ever tried Jenny Craig?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

repressing the crazyJenny Craig


How to Groom a Dog with a Dual-Coat

I am the proud mother of two beautiful Australian Shepherd pups, and I would do anything for them. This includes cleaning up their dog hair all day. If you are struggling like me, I have some tips on how to groom a dog with a dual-coat.

How to Groom a Dog with a Dual-Coat

Warning, this will not make the shedding stop. The shedding never stops. The best we can do as furmoms is to manage the chaos.


My grooming routine includes a deslicking brush, a deshedding rake, a deshedding brush and a weird tool that looks like it could be medieval. Watch the video above for more information on each tool.


However, I think the most important thing I do is make sure my dogs have a healthy set of hair.

When you dog has healthy hair, it really slows down the natural shedding process, making all puppy moms happy.

First, I start by making sure my dog is eating quality food. Make sure the first ingredient in your dog food is a meat, not corn. Quality dog food keeps your dogs full, itch-free and healthy.

However, a good dog food is not enough to stop the shedding.

How to Groom a Dog with a Dual-Coat

Salmon oil keeps your dogs coat shiny and strong. I promise you will notice a difference after a week of using Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats.

I use two pumps in my dogs food, and he eats it right up. The label has serving suggestions for your dog’s weight.

I have been so impressed since I started using the oil, and the bottle lasts for a good while!

*From time to time, Repressing the Crazy receives products for testing purposes. All opinions remain my own.

How to Groom a Dog with a Dual-Coat

What tips do you have for dogs with dual-coats?

repressing the crazy



How to Grow Your Facebook Page – without Spending a Dime

As of June, I will have been blogging for three years! I cannot believe I have made it this far! However, throughout all of the years, the one thing I continue to struggle growing is my Facebook following. Plus, it is a common question I get from all bloggers – how do you grow your Facebook page?

I have devised a plan that gas been showing me great results just in the few months I have been doing it! It involves putting yourself out there and some dedication.

The hardest part of my new plan was asking people for help. I have always been fiercely independent, and I hate burdening people by asking them to help me. But in the end, everything was so worth it!

Here are some changes you can make TODAY to your Facebook page:

How to Grow Your Facebook Page

Recruit your Family and Friends

The first thing you should do is invite all of your family and friends to like your page. This was hard for me because there were some people on my Facebook friend list that I didn’t feel comfortable informing them I own a blog.

Although I generally don’t care what people think, I didn’t like the idea of someone picking apart my blog based on their dislike of me. I work very hard on this blog, and the thought had always unsettled me.

I am slowly getting over it and inviting one batch of Facebook strangers at a time.

After you have your close friends and family liking your page, ask them to like everything that you post. Facebook works on an algorithm that favors posting showing popularity or posts from pages you interact with more often.

Invite People that Like Your Posts

It is not a well-known fact to newbies, but if you have 50 likes on one post, you can invite each one of those strangers to like your page.

All you have to do is click on the like amount and start inviting! In my journalism job, this is a huge step that we do everyday to push our following. The only thing is you have to get people to like your posts!

Post Consistently

If you want to drive people to your page, you can’t be posting once every blue moon. I’ll be the first to admit my Facebook schedule needs work, but consistency is key! I would say if you post 3-5 times a day, you are doing your part in making your page active.

The best part is once you have your loyal following you wont have to post that often, but it is key that you get there first!

Post with a Purpose

Not only should you be posting consistently, you should be posting with a purpose.

When I post a blog link, my purpose is to get page views for my blog, but when I post a picture of my dog, my purpose is to get likes on that post.

Obviously, you will want more than one purpose per post, but the key here is to find your main purpose. This will give your viewers a drive.

Also, make sure your posting a variety of things. You should be posting videos, photos and links.

Try these tips and let me know if they help you!

repressing the crazy

How to Grow Your Facebook Page


My Winter Relaxation Routine

January has not been sweet to me. I have been battling stress from potty training Fiona, new year things at work and closing on my first ever home. My winter relaxation routine has been one of the only things giving me sanity.

This routine may seem simple, but I think it’s what makes it perfect. How can it really be relaxing if there are a lot of steps, right?


Setting the mood for a perfect winter relaxation routine period is key! I always light a relaxing candle. Try to avoid using sweet, foody smells because being hungry is not relaxing. Yes, I am talking about you, Pumpkin Cupcake.

For example, I like to use clean and fresh scents. Some of my favorite are leather, tobacco, lavender and peppermint. Today, I am using a tobacco-musk scented candle.

winter relaxation routine


To be honest, I am a complete NOOB at meditating. I use a app called Headspace for a step-by-step guide.

Headspace talks you through meditation. It tells you where to let your mind travel, when to pull it back. It also challenges you to notice things you normally ignore, like the sounds from outside.

I also find that the guide helps me focus because on my own my mind drifts into the worry/anxious zone.

winter relaxation routine


In order for me to relax, I need to be clean. If I have a dry skin patch on my face, I will be picking at it. If I have dirt under my nails, I will be fidgeting with them. Cleanliness is such an important factor for me to have peace of mind.

I always start by using a mask. Because I told you this routine is low maintenance, I am just using a simple sheet mask. I love sheet masks because you can don’t have the messy aspect of using your hands to apply product and having to wash it off.

Then, I pick out something to watch while I soak in a bath. I am not much of a bath reader because I stress over getting the pages wet. Today, I am choosing Mr. Robot for my soaking TV show.

winter relaxation routine

Now, the most important part is making sure your bath is luxurious. I always do this using a Tortuga Bath Bomb. You can buy the set, which has 6 bath bombs and a bubble bath.

The six scents that come in the set are Pure Romance, Spa Day, Catching ZZZs, Stiff Muscles, Inspiration and Revive. On this particular day, I will be using Pure Romance with Oatmeal and Honey. I love using oatmeal and honey together because it is so hydrating and smells so good!

winter relaxation routine

I just throw the bomb in the bath and soak until the water becomes cold, which usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

Hot Drink and a Good Read

Once I am done getting clean, I always getting a hot drink to warm my insides. I love to drink lots of tea in the winter. For today, I am using a coconut and almond tea. This tea is fruity and nutty.

winter relaxation routine

I end my relaxation routine with a good book. Reading is unlike watching television because it really forces you to focus on what is happening. When I am watching TV, I am usually doing 100 other things at the same time.

I am reading the original screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

*I was given Tortuga Bath Bombs for testing purposes

How do you relax?


repressing the crazy

winter relaxation routine


How to Start a Blog

One of the best decisions I have made was to start this blog, Repressing the Crazy. When I first started out, I didn’t even know how to start a blog. I just knew I needed an creative outlet.

After Googling a lot, and a lot of mistakes, I am now here with my blog. I am sure my blog will continue to grow and change, but I am really proud of the journey so far.

If you are trying to start a blog, there are probably a lot of things on your mind. Here are the five things you need to focus on first.

How to Start a Blog

Choose a Platform

Choosing a platform for you blog is such a critical step. This will determine how much work you will have to do in the future once your blog really starts off.

The four most commonly used platforms are,, Blogger and SquareSpace.

When I started Repressing the Crazy, I started as a blog. Doing this, I was introduced into a simplified version of WordPress. I learned how to write a story, add images and create pages or categories.

The best part of starting at was I learned and became an expert on all the free things WordPress has to offer. When I made the switch to, I was already prepared to use the program.

The transition from .com to .org was very simple to do on my own using a tutorial. If you are going to do a self-hosted blog, you need a web host. I use BlueHost for around $3-$4 a month.

Why self-host? You have more control of what your website looks like, how it functions, how you monetize and you will reach more in searches. The only downside is the learning curve.

I wouldn’t change a thing in my platform choices. I am glad I made the decision for free WordPress to learn to blog before I started investing.

As for the other programs, I strongly suggest avoiding them. Most successful blogs run on Everyone I know moved to WordPress eventually.

Choose a Niche

When choosing a niche, you need to think about what you know and what your audience will look like. Repressing the Crazy is a lifestyle blog, which is actually something experts tell you to steer away from.

Having a specific niche helps boost page views because you are offering a unique product for a unique audience. This boosts your numbers tremendously.

I have made it hard on myself because I offer a varied amount of product for a varied audience. If you are like me and you are a jack of all trades, master of none, you might be in the same boat. I just try to work twice as hard to keep my numbers up.

If you want to make money, you need to think about what advertisers will want to work with you as well. I focus on beauty on my Youtube channel, and beauty is one of the easiest niches to appeal to advertisers.

Choose a Name

For me, choosing a name was the most intimidating part. I am the ficklest person I know, and I knew I would want to change it at some point in time.

I would be lying to say I haven’t considered it, but overall I think Repressing the Crazy was the best name for me. After all, this blog started as a way to manage my anxiety.

A lot of people come up with crafty ways to use their names in their blogs. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that will last over time.

How to Start a Blog

Create About Me

After you have created your blog, your first focus should be your about me page. This should be updated every time you have a big life change (move, graduate, etc.), and it where people go to find out more about you.

When I created my about me, I thought about my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess and Lauren Conrad. I follow both of those blogs because I love the people behind the content. In your about me, you should showcase what makes you likable and great!

Create Social Pages

The biggest mistake I made when starting was not immediately making social pages for my blog. I either continued using my own or didn’t really use social media at all.

This was due to the face I was largely embarrassed for people to know I was blogging (dumb, I know), and it honestly didn’t even occur to me that I could.

My social pages have increased up my blog views so much! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a following at first, you will eventually! And when people start fishing around the internet for you, you want them to find something!

How to Start a Blog


So, what are you waiting for? Start a blog!

repressing the crazy