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Watch Fall TV Show Premieres with Me!

I am sure if you have been following me for a while, you will know TV is a big part of my life – especially the fall TV season.

Like when I say Netflix and Chill, I mean let’s watch Orange is the New Black, and if you interrupt me, I might shank you.

I am so excited for the new lineup of Fall TV, and I can’t wait to snuggle up on my couch with some hot cocoa and watch Scream Queens!

I also love of you who have followed my blog for so long, so I wanted to share what shows I am looking forward to and their premiere dates.

These are only the shows that I watch, and the only premiere dates I could find. If you have any suggestions or think I am missing something, let me know.

I am also including shows that are having their series premiere, and I am going to give them a good chance!

I am also thinking about maybe starting up some TV Twitter parties or something similar. Let me know if any of this interests you!

Now to the schedule:


14 – American Horror Story

14 – South Park

19 – The Good Place

20 – New Girl

20 – Scream Queens

20 – This is Us

21 – Law and Order SVU

22 – Grey’s Anatomy

22 – How to Get Away with Murder

22 – Superstore

25 – Once Upon a Time

25 – Bob’s Burgers

25 – Last Man on Earth



2 – Shameless

4 – The Mindy Project

7 – The Ranch

13 – Supernatural

17 – Jane the Virgin

21 – Vampire Diaries

21 – Crazy Ex-girlfriend

21 – Black Mirror

23 – The Walking Dead



25 – Gilmore Girls

fall tv

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How to Transform a Small Outdoor Space

Thus far in my adult life, I have only lived in apartments. In my last apartment, I was lucky enough to have a screened-in balcony. Schmidt and I loved it so much, and we spent so much time out there reading and drinking coffee. Even if I loved it, it was still a very small outdoor space.

A ton of my Instagram photos were even taken from that balcony. It was huge, and I still kinda miss it.

Plus – Alabama got a lot cooler faster and stayed cool. It was my first actual Fall, so I wanted to be outside all the time.

small outdoor space

small outdoor space

small outdoor space


So when I moved back to Texas, an outdoor space was very important to me. One of the main reasons I picked the townhomes I am in was because of this larger than normal outdoors space.

I didn’t quite know what to do with the space at first. I though about putting down sod, so Schmidt could have an emergency potty area.

There were a few drawbacks to the space as well. In my old balcony, I was on the second floor, so I had a lot of privacy in addition to the screened-in feature.

Here, we are all on the first floor, and the privacy fence is less than private. I wanted to do something to the space to make me feel more comfortable being outside.

Also, I moved to Texas at the end of March, so basically when it began to get to the 90s-100s.

I love my state, but I really wish I had more seasons.

The heat made it really hard to find motivation to get out here and make something out of the space. The day I did it, I was drenching in sweat afterwards. Born and raised here, you never get used to weeks upon weeks of 100 degree weather days.

small outdoor space

One weekend, my family came down, and we made a trip to Lowe’s.

I love how red mulch really brings personality to a space, so I found the reddest at the store.

Plus, with the Texas heat, I had to find some plants that wouldn’t mind being in the sun for the majority of their life.

I will get pretty flowers one day, I swear.

In my old apartment, I had a palette that I put on concrete blocks for a nook. Here, I sawed off sections to create a shelf. This helped add privacy because it blocked a large hole in the bottom of my fence.

The mulch also helped cover the holes at the bottom.


small patio

small patio

As for seating, I love Adirondack chairs. These plastic ones from Lowe’s come in so many colors, and the orange just stuck out to me.

I already had the cushions from my old apartment. I love how the colors compliment each other and really brighten up the space.

small patio

I hope this inspires you to get outside (unless it’s 100 degrees, don’t do it)!

What cool things have you done to dress up a boring outdoor space?

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The Best Way to Pack a Carry On

I really have not traveled much this summer except for work-related reasons, so that’s a huge bummer. Or maybe not because it has been too hot outside, and now I can travel more when it is cooler…

However, I did want to share how I pack my carry on because I always save so much space, and I can get five days worth of outfits and toiletries into one tiny suitcase.

My number one trick is to roll my clothes instead of folding them. Sometimes, I even fold them into tiny squares if I am really needing space.

My favorite things to bring on a trip are face masks! I really want to relax the whole time and focus on my skin.

Where have you traveled this summer, and what are your musts?

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#ad Quick and Easy Lunches for On the Go!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SchoolFuel #CollectiveBias

Being super busy has become a way of life for me. Managing a digital department, being a good blogger and loving my furchild take up a lot of my time.

It is so easy to cheat and go get fast food when you live a very busy lifestyle. I have learned to adapt and pick easier things to make at home, without sacrificing health. Quick and easy lunches have become a necessity for me.

After a quick run into H-E-B, I can grab some Wright® Brand Applewood Smoked Bacon and Tyson® Better for You Lightly Breaded Chicken Strips, and I have an assortment of quick and easy lunches for the week.

Plus, look for the on pack stickers on your Wright Brand, State Fair and Tyson back-to-school products and enter to WIN 1 of 20 H-E-B $100 Gift Cards.

And if you are a H-E-B shopper, check out this coupon for Wright Bacon. Be sure to search Wright Bacon in the search box.

My two favorite recipes to make with this combo take less than 30 minutes to make, plus they are super tasty!

My recipes today are a easy Southwest Chicken Salad and a quick Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap.


Southwest Chicken Salad:


2 pieces of Tyson Better for You Lightly Breaded Chicken Strips

2 cups of Shredded Lettuce

2 Tbs of Corn (washed and drained)

1/4 cup of Black Beans (washed and drained)

2 Tbs of Chopped Red Onion

2 Tbs of Guacamole

Sprinkle of Tortilla Strips


  1. Prepare Tyson Better for You Lightly Breaded Chicken Strips according to instructions
  2. Chop up red onion
  3. Drain and Rinse black beans and corn
  4. Place shredded lettuce in a bowl
  5. Add all the toppings
  6. Add a dollop of guacamole and serve or pack for later


Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap:


2 pieces of Tyson Better for You Lightly Breaded Chicken Strips

2 pieces of Wright Brand Applewood Smoked Bacon

2 Tbs of Ranch

Large Tortilla

Shredded Lettuce


  1. Prepare Tyson Better for You Lightly Breaded Chicken Strips according to instructions
  2. Cook two pieces of Wright Brand Bacon on a skillet
  3. Slightly heat up tortilla to make it easer to fold
  4. Spread ranch on tortilla
  5. Sprinkle desired amount of lettuce
  6. Add chicken and bacon to tortilla
  7. Fold like a burrito
  8. Cut in half


I love how easy and versatile the lightly breaded chicken strips are, and they are only 150 calories per serving! You can use the chicken strips in different salads, wraps, by theirselves, in a biscuit – the possibilities are endless!

Pro tip: If you are prepping for the week, cook the bacon in the oven on a cookie sheet! Be sure you don’t burn it, but you will get all the bacon done faster without getting burnt!

I like to pack my salads in a jar, lettuce first. But when I get to go home for my lunch break, it nice to have in a bowl like I have my life together – ha!

As for the wrap, I actually eat it cold. It reminds me of the ones you would find premade at Whole Foods (but for so much cheaper).

What is your favorite on the go meal?

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quick and easy


6 Steps to a Good Night’s Sleep

Over the years, I have developed a fool proof way to make myself fall asleep. My sleep routine involves a lot of lavender, a little prep and a tiny backup.

sleep routine

I start with getting the room ready. When I try to sleep in a messy room, I can feel the presence of untidiness. Once I started picking up my room before bed, it really cleared my head for a good night’s sleep.

If you are someone who wakes up with headaches, it might be the dryness in the air that causes them. I always use a humidifier with a hint of lavender essential oil. I got my dehumidifier at Target, and I chose a design that can blend in with decor.

Next I use my Sleep lotion from Bath and Body Works on my legs and arms. I only use this lotion before I go to bed, so that way my sense memory recognized it as time to go to sleep.

I also have a little mix of Sweet Dreams essential oil to put behind my ears.

It’s also important to put away all the electronics.

My last resort is my handy Nyquil sleep aid. Sometimes, I just cant fall asleep because of my constant spinning thoughts. This non-addictive pill helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus, it’s the only sleep aid that doesn’t make me drowsy in the morning.

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