4 Swimsuit Trends You Have to Try This Bikini Season

I always prepare for swimsuit season way before it gets here. I always look at the latest swimsuit trends, start self-tanning and get my work-out on.

This year, my swimsuit style has changed so much because I am loving solid black! I used to go for the crazy prints, but now all I want is a high neck, black two piece.

There were many styles that caught my eye (and my wishlist). When you are picking a new swimsuit this year, be sure to consider these swimsuit trends:

All Black

Whether you want a two piece or a one piece, all black swimsuits are slimming and sexy. As I was hunting down my favorites, I just kept adding solid black pieces to my wishlist. Plus, black looks great on all sizes! It is a timeless color, and it is the most on-trend decision you can make this bikini season!


Stripes have always been nautical, but this year, basics are what I am seeing the most of. I am loving the stripe high necks and the stipe one pieces. This year, there are a lot of simple looks, and I am all for it!

High Necks

I will never buy a bathing suit without a high neck again. As someone with larger boobs, I have always felt self-conscious wearing a triangle top or basically any top because I billow out. Plus, bathing suit tops started having padding in them – great for people who need a boost, but for people like me, a living nightmare.

High necks are flattering for all boob sizes, and I think they are amazing I bought the only one I could find 3 years ago, and I am so happy to see them everywhere this year!


Another big trend I have been seeing is strappy accents! I have seen one pieces with strappy backs and bikinis with straps under the boob area.

Either way, this is a fun way to have a unique swimsuit without getting a crazy print!

What is your favorite swimsuit style?

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