What’s in my Dogs’ Camping Bag

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Everywhere I have lived, there have been amazing places to bring my dogs to hike, camp and walk. Now that I live in Central Texas, I get to enjoy the trails along the Brazos River with my pups!

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

We go on day trips, weekend trips, etc. to explore the great outdoors. If you bring your dog along for an outdoor trip, you need to make sure your bringing the necessities.

The best place to find supplies is at Target. Target has a great cartwheel offer where select Purina products are 20 percent off, so be sure to go take advantage of that for your trip!

Here’s what’s in my dogs’ camping bag:

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag


I always bring a lightweight backpack with me! I put all my personal items near the bottom (pack light), and I put the dogs’ things on top.


To separate my things from my pets, I put a couple of towels on top of my stuff. These are great in case your pet gets wet or dirty.


Dogs are going to get hot outside, so if your not going to a source of drinkable water, be sure to bring tons of extra water! I have a water bottler/waterer for dogs, and I usually pack three more. We normally go to places where water is, so bring more if the situation needs it!


What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

I got this nifty waterproof travel dog bowl a few years ago, and I always take it with me! You can always bring some plastic bowls as well!


Always make sure you bring dog food and treats with you – and if you’re going on a day trip, make sure you are bringing quality dog food.

I have two very different dogs – Fiona is a puppy, and Schmidt is an older dog. This means I have to get them different food.

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

Fiona eats Purina One Smartblend® Healthy Puppy Formula. I love this dog food because not only is chicken the first ingredient, but it contains Omega 3s for Fiona’s coat. Having Australian Shepherds means the dog hair problem is real, and I really appreciate it when my dog’s food contributes to coat health. Plus the formula is gentle on her sensitive stomach.

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag


Schmidt eats Beyond® Superfood Blend Salmon, Egg & Pumpkin Recipe Natural Dog Food. He is getting older, so I make sure his dog food is of high quality. I love the Beyond® brand because all of their products lists the meat as the main ingredient with no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Plus, this blend is great for his coat and bones!

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag(Also, look how much Schmidt enjoys that food!)

We also bring a couple of Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care treats to make sure their breath is great! Keep these in a plastic baggie.

Plus, select Purina products are 20 percent off using this Cartwheel offer at Target in March!



Always be considerate to other hikers and bring poop bags! I also bring a plastic bag to be a poop trash can if I am camping! It’s gross, but we got to do it!


My favorite harness is from Target! Never take your dog on a long walk without a harness. They are so much more comfortable for your dog. Ours from Target is like a shirt, so extremely easy to put on!


Most places require your pet to be on a leash, so make sure you bring a sturdy one!

After you are all set, load up and have some fun!

Now that you have seen what’s in my dogs’ camping bag, what’s your favorite thing to do with your pet?

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

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