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I know you guys get tired of me saying I am busy – BUT GUYS, I AM SO BUSY! I spend so much time at the 7-Eleven near my work because I never have time to make food, buy food, buy supplies, etc.

On top of a demanding job, I am trying to work on my house, love my dogs, put quality work into my blog and maintain my social life!


I thought I would give you a look into my bag and see how I handle my busy schedule. Luckily, I got to partner up with LIFEWTR in my post, and it fits perfectly into my bag and has a secure nozzle so I don’t have to worry about spills.

Plus, it’s conveniently at the 7-Eleven near my work, so I am always able to enjoy my favorite water!




One the most vital things in my bag is my beauty bag. I depend on this after I work out, while I am at work, at the dog park, etc. In the bag, I have bobby pins, ponytail holders, disinfectant, concealer, lip balm, compact hair brush and a small mascara!

I also have tissues and ibuprofen packets for when my body decides to be working against me.



I always carry a spare pair of glasses and sunglasses. It is Texas, and the sunlight will kill you here. I always wear my sunglasses – even in the winter.

Also, I have my regular glasses. I do not wear contacts because my vision isn’t terrible, and they freak me out, but I have a hard time seeing at night. With these in my bag, I don’t have to worry about going home to grab them if I need to dart somewhere after work when it gets dark.


LIFEWTR is such an essential for me. I am the worst at staying hydrated, and I love how the design and packaging inspires me to drink more. Every single drop of LIFEWTR is purified and pH balanced, with electrolytes for taste!


Plus, I need the electrolytes in LIFEWTR to keep going all day. I drink way too much coffee, and without my LIFEWTR, I would be so dehydrated. When I talked to the 7-Eleven cashier about LIFEWTR in my latest purchase, my favorite thing she told me was that she loved LIFEWTR because it looks good with her nails! The packaging really fuels you to be creative and adventurous!

I drink LIFEWTR when I walk my pups, chill out on the porch, work all day, take a long drive and work out on the treadmill to expel all the stress. I love how just a little time alone and LIFEWTR can refuel me and give me so much energy! My mind feels so refreshed when I stay hydrated with LIFEWTR.

I don’t know if you can tell, but the blue bottle is my favorite! I carry it every day, and it keeps me inspired in every aspect of my life. I love how simple things like the bottle’s modern design can help me stay creative and motivated. Bloggers usually surround themselves with creative-fueling objects, and LIFEWTR is definitely one of mine!






Of course, I have a wallet. No need to explain here.


I love this mirror! It’s super large, and I can use it on the go to apply mascara, concealer, etc.


I would be useless without my planner and notebook. My planner has every due date and event that I have to attend, and my notebook is full of ideas and random lists.

What do you keep in your bag?

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  • Amy Desrosiers

    My bag actually tends to have a lot of kid stuff in it. I try to keep the basics like my cards, and money and maybe a lip gloss. #client