Before photos of my house, plus my dog has ADD

I know I haven’t written anything personal on my blog in months, but I can assure you I have attempted to multiple times.

For example, I have three of four drafts that just are labeled “UPDATE”. They just look at me every time I start another post, reminding me of my shortcomings as a blogger.

It has been so hard to sum up the last 6 months in an update because so much has happened in my life. In my last personal post about my anxiety journey, I talked about how I was in an uphill tick.

Good news – I am still in the green. I have very few unreasonable spazz-out moments compared to a few years ago.

This is because of so much positive change that keeps flowing into my life. I have wanted to talk about it with y’all so badly, but it has been so difficult to put into words. Besides getting a new dog and a new house, I really have grew so comfortable and happy in this place in my life.

I’m just going to organize this update as if I was filling writing a blog post.


As you may know, I bought my first house at the end of January. You also might guess (since it is my, it is a little bit of a fixer upper.

Since I have moved in, I have discovered plumbing issues, tile issues and appliance issues. Because I have a slow-budget, I am learning to just deal until I am ready to make the right upgrades.

Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe I got the best home with my budget. I am in a great neighborhood, and I have close to 2,000 square feet.

Here are some photos from Zillow of the home before I purchased it:

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I have already made a lot of progress on the home with my family. We have done a lot of painting and patching walls.

Keep a look out for future posts! I really want to do a before and after of each room when we complete it!

I think the biggest negative in this move has been yard work. Yard work is hard – especially if you have no idea what you are doing!


By family, I mean myself and my two Australian Shepherd children.

Fiona is now 7 months old, and she has been pretty mild when it comes to chewing. She has only destroyed 4 of my things, which compared to other puppies – is nothing.

During her first few months with us, she cried every night, all night. I didn’t get any sleep, and I had no energy for anything. She is now at the point where she cries only in the early morning to let me out.

Now that I have the new house and the new yard, the dogs are in heaven. I feel bad for Fiona, however, because I haven’t found time to bring her to the dog park or teach her to use a leash. The two of them go crazy in the yard, so they get plenty of exercise without it.

I know I will need to leash her eventually, so my little goal for myself is to start taking her on short walks.

We will see how that goes because she literally bounces off walls. I am so convinced she has ADD.

Schmidt loves his new sister and his new yard. Well, he doesn’t love the fleas that came with the new yard. He still is eating the trash every time I leave. If you have any advice on how to stop this, please let me know.


Work is still taking all of my energy.

Little thought about fact – when you are in severe weather and rush home to stay safe, journalist rush to work to start informing the community.

If you know anything about Texas, it is severe weather season. This is when we get our damaging hail storms, tornados and flash floods. There have been multiple weeks where I have worked 24 plus hours straight, and I can promise you, I am exhausted.

On top of severe weather, being in charge of all digital platforms constantly strains you. As you know, technology is always evolving and changing. So I am always having to do trainings and adapt to new ways of doing things.

I love my job, but lately, it has been wearing me out! This is the main contributing factor in why I haven’t posted consistently and have taken a break from Youtube.

Please bear with me!


I love this blog, and I have not been giving it the attention it deserves.

I am trying to find a groove, and once I get it, I will push forward! I plan on doing a lot more house posts, so if there is anything in particular you would like to see, let me know!

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