5 Free Tools For Every New Blogger (And Old)

If you are just now starting off as a blogger, the whole blogworld can seem intimidating at first.

I am entering three years of blog life, and I still am learning new things every single day! My favorite thing as a blogger is the amazing community. Everyone is always offering tips and holding each other up!

So if you are just starting, be sure to join a blogger group. It will help you out so much in the long run.

Lately, I have been wanting to share some advice that I have learned in my 3 years, and I thought of sharing my favorite free tools that I use.

These tools are great assets to your blog, and you can use them how you see fit!

5 Free Tools For Every New Blogger (And Old)

Creative Market – Free Goods

Creative Market is a website with themes, templates, stock photos, fonts, etc. While Creative Market is an amazing tool, most of their things you have to pay for. However, if you look at the top of the website, you can click free goods.

Every week, they offer 6 new free goods for downloads. This is a great place to find fonts, free photos and so much more!

I literally use this every week and have a growing file on my laptop.


Canva is graphic creation tool. My favorite thing about this free tool is it already has preset sizes for social media.

Canva has a great selection of free stock photos, free clip art and free fonts. It also has some free templates.

However, be careful because some of the items in the creator do cost money.

The biggest negative in Canva for me is that you have to have a pay to use your own fonts. This is why I use the next website.


PicMonkey is an image editing tool, and you can also make graphics.

There is a paid version of PicMonkey, but I usually can get pretty far with the free one (I also pay for photoshop, which I use for more in depth projects).

PicMonkey allows you to upload your own fonts, and it helps you chose the file size that you need.


If you are just starting out and you want to practice working with brands, sign up for Influenster.

Influenster sends you free things to review, and you get the chance to have examples of work for future brand opportunities!


Buffer is a great tool to schedule content! The free version is limited, but you are able to install the extension, and it’s so easy to visualize!

It is by far my favorite scheduler out there!

What are you favorite blogging tools?

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  • Kristin Kohler
    May 22, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    I use the first two and love them! Canva is seriously my jam. I’m not that creative when it comes to graphic design, so I love using their templates to give me a place to start and then putting my own spin on it.