NEW HOUSE: Master Bedroom, Before and In Progress

As you may know, I purchased my first home in January of this year. I have been in my home for almost 6 months, and I am getting a better idea of what I want to change.

The home is in livable shape. I just want to make it my design.

Within the first week of owning it, I painted the living room, halls and the master bedroom. I could not handle the colors the house was previously painted. The master bedroom was dark red.

I could literally see myself having panic attacks waking up to that vibrant color.

When my sister’s room was all pink, I would nap in there, and I always got panic attacks. It is a weird thing, trust me.


NEW HOUSE: Master Bedroom, Before and In Progress


NEW HOUSE: Master Bedroom, Before and In Progress

It is amazing what fresh paint can do to a space!

If you saw my apartment tour video, the room hasn’t really changed much as far as decor.

My home decor style is a little bit of a farmhouse glam. I had to add some farmhouse elements since I am in the town of the beloved Fixer Upper.

I want to add mirrors above the nightstands and some frames above the headboard. I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas on this.

But, my bedroom design was one of the first things I got to finish, so this is the most complete room that I have. Even though I really need to hang things on the walls.

Plus, I want to mount my TV, and maybe get a dresser. I also want to get some sheer curtains with a subtle design.

The wall color is glacial stream from Sherwin Williams. I also painted the ceiling white because it was yellow from the previous owner smoking. Trust me, painting a ceiling is the worst.

Aside from decor, this room is pretty much solid except for new carpet. I have toyed with the idea of adding a bigger closet, but that’s the only possible giant renovation as of now.

I can’t decide if I want to do a white or a grey carpet. To be honest, I will probably chose grey because of my dogs, but I would love, love, love to have white carpet. It is so gorgeous!

Stay tuned, I plan on doing this with every room, and I am so excited to show you the progress in the living room!

Have you ever taken on a fixer upper?

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NEW HOUSE: Master Bedroom, Before and In Progress

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  • Mae Polzine
    February 5, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    Love the look of the master bedroom! Totally agree the dark red looks cool at first but I could not wake up to that every day.
    ♥ Mae | maepolzine.com