Is a Fitbit worth it? How it changed my life in one month

I am not going to lie, when the Fitbit first came out, I was not a fan. It was just an expensive pedometer, and shortly after its release, the iPhone began to track steps.

What was the point of another expensive devise?

Is a Fitbit worth it? How it changed my life in one month

Recently, I have been really focusing on exercise. I decided it was time for me to start living a consistent active life if I want to be healthy and happy.

But, I have the motivation of a couch. I had been shopping around for the right Fit-Bit when my sister messaged me because she found the Fitbit Surge at a resale shop for $90.

To me, this was a sign. I originally was going to go for the Fitbit Alta because it was cheaper and did more or less the same thing. – but even that was $130!

I jumped on the deal, and I have been in love ever since!

It is amazing that I can tell you exactly when I fall asleep, and exactly when I wake up. I can tell you what my heart rate is, and I can tell you how many calories I burnt just by sitting at my desk.

Plus, I know how many calories I burnt when I do pilates or any strength training, plus how many calories I burn from walking around my neighborhood.

The data even shows if I was in fat burning mode, cardio mode or peak! I can constantly push myself harder to get better results, and I can’t hide from a watch that monitors me all day.

Before Fitbit, I would tell myself, “Oh, you worked out last week for three days, you can have a break.” But now, I look at my stats, and I just want to do better and better. I want to prove to myself that I can do it.

I love looking at my steps for the last week, and only seeing one day where I didn’t push myself! Also – two miles is about 6,000 steps.

Is a Fitbit worth it? How it changed my life in one month

With Fitbit, I have been trying to sleep better yet. You just get a star for sleeping 8 hours, but I really, really want that star! As I a writing this, it is 11 p.m., and I am so worried I am not going to get my star for sleeping well.

You can also track your water and food in the app! I personally still love to use Lifesum, but you could just have one app that includes food tracking. I still use Runkeeper along with my Fitbit as well! SO MANY MOTIVATIONAL APPS!

Is a Fitbit worth it? How it changed my life in one month

You can also put in your weight, and it will tell you how many pounds you have left to lose.

I have been so motivated that I also bought a scale that connects to an app for more motivation. I am still testing that, but let me know if you want a review.

So, if your question is should I buy a Fitbit – my answer is yes. Unless this type of thing doesn’t motivate you, there is no reason to not have all of this data for your health! I love it so much, and I cannot recommend it enough.

You can take a test on Fitbit to find the right one for you! This is not sponsored, this is genuinely just me falling in love with a product after so much skepticism! I have never ate my words so much!

Do you use a Fitbit?

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  • Natalie Heather
    July 6, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    I’ve been wondering about getting a Fitbit and you’re really make a compelling point! Glad you’ve fallen so in love with it!
    Ivory Avenue