How to Transform Your Closet Under $30

I am sure you are tired of hearing this, but guys I bought a house… 6 months ago.

In the time that I have had the house, I have painted the living room, bedroom, hallways and removed some wallpaper.

However, I have not touched the two extra rooms. My sisters just graduated high school, and they are moving in with me in August.

This weekend, my mom and I tackled their closets.

We weren’t looking to spend too much money on closets, and we were luck to only have to spend $30. Most of the supplies we needed we already had!

How to Transform Your Closet Under $30

The closets were very dingy, and the paper sealer in the corners was peeling off. We ripped all of that out, and we used spray texture to make it look less noticeable. We had the spray texture on hand, so that cost $0.

How to Transform Your Closet Under $30

As for the closets, we had some leftover white paint, and we repainted the whole thing. When it came to the shelves, we were puzzled on how to make them more modern.

We considered painting them, but we were afraid the old wood would make it look cheap and old. My mom came up with the idea of using wallpaper instead of contact paper because it is sturdier.

In the past, we had also modge-podged stone gift wrap to furniture, so we also thought that could be an option.

So we went on a search for wallpaper, and folks, it was not easy.

The Hunt for Wallpaper

We went to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, Tuesday Morning and Target in our search. Home Depot and Lowe’s did not have wallpaper, and Sherwin Williams requires you to order the wallpaper ahead of time.

Since this was a weekend project, we continued hunting for something to use that day.

We found the stone gift wrap at Tuesday morning, but we weren’t fans of any of the prints.

Our last hope was Target. Thankfully, they have a great selection of wallpaper! We ended up going with this one!

How to Transform Your Closet Under $30

If you have more time for this project, there are plenty of places to go online! If you are in a pinch, Target has a great selection, and I suggest you start there! This roll was $30.

What You Need





White Paint

Measuring tape


Straight edge


My mother and I decided that we didn’t want to wrap the shelf. We thought this left more room for the paper to get unstuck and flip up.

What we decided to do was to paint the edges with the same white that we paint the closets with.

How to Transform Your Closet Under $30

How to Transform Your Closet Under $30

After the paint dried, we sanded and washed the surfaces of the shelves. When applying wallpaper, it is so important to make sure your surface is flawless!

While the shelves were drying, we cut the wallpaper for them. We got lucky, and the width of the shelves was 10 inches, and the wallpaper width was 20 inches. This allowed us to get two pieces in one cut!


Once you are done prepping, it is time to apply the wallpaper! We peeled back half of the plastic from the sticky side of the wallpaper, and then we peeled it completely off once it was situated.

Once you have the wallpaper on the shelf, use the squeegee to get out all of the bubbles. If you have any wallpaper falling off the edges, use the XACTO knife to cut it off.

How to Transform Your Closet Under $30

How to Transform Your Closet Under $30

I already had all of the other materials, so this project only cost $30 for both closets!

If you try this project, let me know in the comments below!

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How to Transform Your Closet Under $30


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