4 Apps You Need to Be More Organized at Home

If you read yesterday’s post about my free planner, you would now my sisters are moving in with me VERY SOON.

Besides cleaning, painting and savoring my last moments of living alone, I have been planning for a smooth transition. This has included a planner, plus my favorite home living apps.

My sisters are moving from our hometown of 199 people to a city with more than 150,000. I remember my first move, and it is a culture shock. Stores are within minutes away, and you don’t have to plan trips to town.

We are also going to be on crazy different schedules. They will be coming to and from class, and I will be working my full time job.

As one of my many efforts to keep us all on one page, I made them download four apps. These apps are great for families who are trying to sort out any disfunction!

These are all available on Apple, but I am not an Android user, so you would have to double check if you have a a Android device!


This app allows you to add things to your calendar and share it with the group. The team admin creates a group and invites the family to add the app. Once everyone is in, you can add to the schedule, photos, recipes, grocery list and check the weather.


This is app is great for anyone who lives in a neighborhood.

The Nextdoor is app is your one stop shop to know what is going down in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. People post warning about crime, issues in the community, items for sale and much more.

You can also upload your pet into their online database, so if your pet goes missing, whoever finds your pet can look at the database and contact you. It also has great functions for holidays and when a disaster strikes.


The WeDo app is great for managing lists. My app has lists of what’s coming in the mail, projects, cleaning needs and all sorts of stuff. This is a great app for making sure everything that needs to get done, gets done!


In a roommate situation, Venmo is a godsend. It is an easy way to pay people back without having cash. Plus, you have a record of what has been paid for or not. For example, when we go grocery shopping, I can pay for the whole bill, and my sisters can Venmo me their share.

What apps do you use to stay organized at home?

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