White and Blue French Country Living Room Inspiration

I have been working on my living room decor, and as it develops, I would say I have been very inspired by white and blue French country. The colors really calm me, and the style makes me feel at home.

My whole home is blue, grey, white with a few accent colors. I really feel like it lightens my mood and encourages my creativity!

I will be doing a before and after soon (check out my bedroom here) of my living room, but I wanted to share some pieces that I have been eyeing. Since I have moved in, I have bought a new couch, curtains and media stand.

I want a new chair and a new coffee table very badly, but I also need to get little decor pieces and add things to the walls.

Here are a couple of inspirational pins:

Here is my little wishlist inspiration board! The photo below is completely shoppable!

What home projects have you been working on?

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White and Blue French Country Living Room Inspiration

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