Must Have Tech Essentials for College

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My sisters have officially moved in with me, and they start their first year of college in less than a month. Being the oldest and a college graduate, they have been asking me what they need, where they need to go and get everything, etc.

My first advice was to go to eBay and find the things you need to stay inspired and focused all year long. You can find everything you need on one site – plus 81% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new, and the selection keeps growing.

And my favorite part – 68% of items ship for free!

Must Have Tech Essentials for College

In college, one of the things that kept me going was cute tech accessories and helpful gadgets. If the things you use everyday are pretty, it always pushed me to be more creative and focused.

I created a list of seven tech essentials that you will need for your college experience:

Phone Case

You will need some type of protection for your phone – college isn’t easy on phone. I never cracked my phone until after college, but that is literally just luck.

eBay has a ton of great options for every type of phone. I have an iPhone, and I found this blue gold marble pattern phone case from Kustom Kase.

Must Have Tech Essentials for College

Computer Case

Your phone needs protection, but so does your computer! It will be the thing you are on 24-7, and your life line for all college projects.

My dog also ate my laptop when I was in college, so that wasn’t fun.

I found this Rubberized Marble Painting Hard Case from iClover. I really love the black marble because you really don’t see it as often as the white, but eBay has a ton more from you to chose from.

Must Have Tech Essentials for College

Phone Charger

Who says your phone charger can’t be pretty?

I love this 6ft Strong Braided USB Data Sync Charger Cable Cord. It reaches where ever I am at, and it charges my phone. What’s more to love?

SD Card

In college, I was an RTVF/Journalism student, and my SanDisk SD Card was my life. I used it when I rented out equipment, and I saved files on it.

They are so handy to have, and I would even recommend having a few.


I have a mouse for my laptop for when I am working on videos. Mousepads are an easy thing to get for your desk that adds personality.

I love this MSD Vintage background with hand drawn floral wreath mousepad that I found on eBay.

Must Have Tech Essentials for College

Portable Battery

A portable battery is probably the most important essential. There are so many times that I have forgotten to charge my phone, and it would die.

This little guy stops those problems from happening! I love how sleek the dodocool MFi 2500mAh Charger Backup External Battery Pack Power Bank. It can fit in your wallet or purse.

Selfie Stick

Okay, so maybe a selfie stick isn’t a necessity, but they are so much fun to have.

The one I bought is not only a stick, but it also can be a tripod! This is great for Facetiming your friends and family.

The SumacLife selfie stick also has a button you can hit to take the photo!

Must Have Tech Essentials for College

And those are all of my essentials!

If you are still shopping for college, be sure to check out this checklist for more!

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Must Have Tech Essentials for College


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