How to Survive Summer if Your Are Always on the Go

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Summer mornings on the weekends always start out slow. In the summer, I live so low maintenance because I can never wear too much makeup because of the Texas heat, and I am always on the go. Summer is the month of no sleep and tons of sweat.

I have been loving the Tone Soothing Care Body Wash and the Tone Blissful Awakening Body Wash, and it has helped so much with the summer stickiness! I am a sweaty girl in the summer, and I need a body wash thats going to keep me fresh all day!

AND my on-the-go lifestyle makes my morning routine so important for making sure I get the little things done and to make sure I am taking care of myself.

I know this is a common problem for most millennials, so I wanted to share the things that have been making my life so much easier on the weekends.

First, I invested in a fitness tracker. My tracker keeps up with my sleep and activity, so it takes a lot of the guesswork out.

On the weekends, I tend to really cut my sleep in half, so I try to make up for it with little naps throughout the day. The fitness tracker really helps with that.

I also go to sleep in my workout clothes, so I can wake up in the morning and go outside. I have to wake up a little early to avoid the scorching heat, and I half my normal run/walk time because the heat forces me to burn more calories, plus I don’t want to hurt myself.

This fitness tracker helps with this also!

When I get done with my workout, I come home and gulp down a glass of ice water. I do this before my shower or anything to refuel from sweating in the humidity.

How to Survive Summer if Your Are Always on the Go

Then my favorite part, jumping in the shower! I love getting clean. It makes me feel positive and refreshed and ready to dominate my day!

Since I have short hair now, I wash my hair after I work out every time. If you wash your hair as often as me, you need to make sure you are keeping moisture in it because you are constantly stripping out natural oils. I use a mask on the weekends, and I spray an oil at the ends of my hair after every wash.

Then, it’s time to focus on my body sweat. In the mornings, I love using the Tone Blissful Awakening Body Wash. It is super affordable, and it can be found in the body wash aisle at Walmart!

How to Survive Summer if Your Are Always on the Go

The body wash is infused with caffeine, and it is scented like vanilla blossom. The scent really gets you feeling energized and awake! It has been my favorite scent to start my day!

The scent reminds me of staying up late at the local coffee shop at my university studying. Although I was so stressed at the time, the smell was so comforting!

It also exfoliates, so it can helps smooth out those summer dry patches that pop up!

I also purchased the Tone® Soothing Care Body Wash. It is infused with oatmeal and shea butter, so it is my favorite thing to use before bed! It is very calming on my skin, so it feels really good in the summer, especially if I have a sunburn.

How to Survive Summer if Your Are Always on the Go

Plus, it really puts me in a sleepy mood, so I go to bed easily after my shower! Scents really affect my mood and day, so this has been so helpful all season long!

#HowITone: When I use the Tone Rainbow, I use the blissful awakening in the morning to feel alive and energetic, and I use the Soothing Care at night to feel soft and sleepy!

Tone® also has many more scents that you can pick and choose for whatever mood you are in!

PLUS if you use iBotta, you can earn $2 when you buy 2 bottles!

How to Survive Summer if Your Are Always on the Go

After showering, I usually grab something small to eat. It is really hard for me to be hungry in the mornings, but I always make sure I eat something. It usually is some fruit or a protein shake.

If I am having a casual weekend, I let my hair air dry, and I put some light makeup on. I usually use a small amount of foundation (I kinda use it like concealer), mascara and powder.

How to Survive Summer if Your Are Always on the Go

When I get dressed, I like to wear something comfortable and breezy. I am really loving t-shirt dresses and espadrilles as the moment! It is only one item of clothing, so it’s super simple to style and switch up!

How to Survive Summer if Your Are Always on the Go

My weekends usually consist of good times with friends and trying to avoid the heat – unless we get brave and decide to do something outside.

Plus, I do all my blog work on the weekends and chores. Honestly, how do I find the time?

What are the little things you do to make your life easier and more enjoyable?


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How to Survive Summer if Your Are Always on the Go


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