The Most Helpful Student Discounts

The best advice I can give anyone is to never get rid of your student I.D. – that thing is the key to so many discounts.

Besides a ton of retail discounts, students can get discounts on things that will actually be vital throughout your college career.

The Most Helpful Student Discounts

Prime Student

Amazon offers Prime Student with your student email. Prime Student is basically Amazon Prime, but half off and includes a trial run! It is great for watching your favorite series and ordering books!


If you are a student, you can also get a discount for a new Macbook or whatever Apple product you desire. I might be biased, but my Macbook has been my lifeline throughout college and into my career. It is a great investment!


If you are a blogger in college or a media student, you can get the Creative Cloud for a steep discount!

Movie Theaters

Everywhere I have lived, there has been a movie theater that gives a good student discount! My current theater, Regal, offers matinee pricing all day for students! When I lived in Denton, the local theater gave away 2 dollar tickets on Tuesdays.


Most insurance companies offer a discount to students. Be sure to call your provider and find out! Insurance discounts are extremely helpful in college!


Most museums and zoos offer a special discount for students! Most of the time you just have to show your student I.D. I went to many zoos and arboretums and museums for less than 10 dollars throughout my time in college!


If you love music, Spotify offers its premium service for just $4.99 for students! Unlimited skips are very helpful when you are studying for finals!

Overall, contact all of your providers and check if there is a student discount! Every little bit helps, and in a lot of cases, the student discount is not heavily advertised!

Happy Saving!

Where is your favorite place to get a student discount?

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  • Oh to Be a Muse
    September 4, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Although I graduated from college almost 10 years ago, people still think I’m in school. I should have kept my I.D. at least for museum discounts!