2017 Guide to Halloween Movie Streaming

Halloween time is my favorite time of the year.

I love the chill in the air, the leaves on the ground and the absurd amount of pumpkins around every corner. Plus, I love watching new horror movies all October long!

Therefore, I put together this guide for all of your Halloween movie streaming needs! I tried to put classics that I love watching every year, and new movies that you may have never seen.

Note: Some of these movies are on multiple platforms! This was last updated October 19, 2017.

Stream on Netflix

The Babysitter

A 12-year-old’s beloved babysitter is actually a leader of a satanic cult.


Their honeymoon seems perfect until he finds his new wife naked in the woods.

Gerald’s Game

If you’re a dog owner, you are going to have to look away at some parts.


Vegetarian turns cannibal? Subtitles on for his one.

A Dark Song

If you like Netflix’s The OA and weird things, this movie about a mother trying to find her guardian angel is for you.


Stream on Amazon Prime

Blair Witch

If you are a fan of the original Blair Witch Project, be sure to check out the follow up story!

The Witch

Two words: Black Phillip.

Green Room

If you like indie scary movies, this one has great ratings on Rotten Tomatoes!

The Monster

A divorced mother and her headstrong daughter must make an emergency late-night road trip to see the girl’s father – but something gets in the way.

Pan’s Labyrinth

This movie is a creepy look into Spain’s history! You will need subtitles for this – but it is worth it!


Stream on HBO

Lights Out

You will be screaming for the characters to carry more flashlights the whole time.

The Conjuring

In 1970, paranormal investigators and demonologists are summoned to the home of family who said a supernatural presence has made itself known.

The Ring

You might die in 7 days…


Christmas+Halloween= Krampus

The Amityville Horror

A family realized their affordable home has a terrifying history in this classic.


Stream on Showtime

The Babadook

The Boy

The Hills Have Eyes

Murder in the Dark

Would You Rather


Stream on Hulu


10 Cloverfield Lane


The Univited




Teeth – Netflix

Hush – Netflix

The Invitation – Netflix

What Lies Beneath – Amazon Prime

The Haunting in Connecticut – Amazon Prime

The Conjuring 2 – HBO

Pet Semetary – Hulu

2017 Guide to Halloween Movie Streaming



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