Winter Morning Workout Plan

Every winter, despite how determined I am, I end up being very unhealthy and inactive.

I don’t know if it is the cold, the food or the holiday pressure – but I always slack off. This year, I created a very simple and easy morning workout plan to make sure I do at least one active thing every day.

One of the things I noticed was that I am the worst at waking up in the cold. My bed is so warm, and I just want to snuggle up and never leave.

With my morning workout plan for winter, I start off with cardio to get my body warmed up and awake.

I honestly only have about 15 minutes in the morning because I am a late-to-awake type of person. Therefore, I made this workout plan very short, but you can repeat it to fit your liking.

This plan is perfect for busy women on the go who just want to make sure they find time for their health everyday.

I also incorporate yoga and long walks or runs along with my routine for the week. This is just a great way to get the day started and focus on your health!

Winter Morning Workout Plan

When I do this plan, I do not break in between the cardio moves, and then I take a 15 second break in between the rest of the moves.

After I complete the workout, I stretch out and end in child’s pose. I recommend taking a second to meditate on your day!

What is your favorite workout in the winter?

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