Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers – Plus a Giveaway!

My sisters and I all have our new stockings hung over our new fireplace, but now the new challenge is finding the perfect stocking stuffers.

After a trip to Target and World Market, I found the perfect guide that will fit the need of any woman who you are buying stocking gifts for!

For Blogmas Day 4, I decided to put a gift guide for stocking stuffers. PLUS, read all the way to the end to see how you can win everything mentioned!


If the person you are buying for loves to be pampered, sheet masks, bath bombs, and bath salts are great little luxuries to add to any stocking.

They are small, but they are things people can really enjoy using!

Plus, if you are buying stocking gifts for multiple people, you can buy a gift pack and separate it out! This saves money – plus you are able to get the people you love more stuff!

Or you could surprise one person with a ton of face masks – whatever you choose to do!
Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers - Plus a Giveaway!

Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers - Plus a Giveaway!


We all know that one person who is always cooking up something in the kitchen and posting it on their Instagram! The perfect stocking stuffer for them is mini food specialties!

One of my favorite places to find these is at World Market! They have a full size of minis – mini hot sauce, mini wine, mini Nutella, mini ham, mini coffee creamer, mini coffee, and mini EVERYTHING!

For the holidays, they have mini peppermint mocha coffee (which is included in my giveaway)!

Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers - Plus a Giveaway!


If you have someone in your life who is always changing their makeup look, makeup minis are perfect stocking stuffers!

You can find these in the “aisles of doom” at Sephora and Ulta. You can also find gift sets with minis at Target! I found this mini Soap and Glory lip set, and it is great for someone who just wants to give the product a good shake before buying the full thing!

Plus, minis last forever if you have a ton of makeup to choose from! I also threw a lip plumper into the mix because it a great tool for fuller lips!

Another thing makeup lovers will enjoy is beauty blenders and other makeup applicators! We can never have enough of those, and they are such a burden to buy.

Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers - Plus a Giveaway!


For your the person who’s outfit is always on point, little accessories make great stocking stuffers.

Try throwing in some cute socks, hats or jewelry! I included a custom made-necklace from Courtney!

Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers - Plus a Giveaway!


Everyone has that one person in their lives that makes them jealous because they are always going on adventures! The best stocking stuffers for those people are travel accessories!

Luggage tags, travel books, and passport holders are great stocking ideas.

You can also get travel-sized products like hand sanitizers!

Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers - Plus a Giveaway!


I will be giving away a little bit of everything from this post! The value of the giveaway is over $100!

Stocking $3

Yes to Made for Masks kit $10

Soap and Glory Pouty Girl Gift Set $12

Quick Spray Advanced Hand Sanitizing Spray $8

Lucent Silisponge $20

Milk Silisponge $14

Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper $27

Courtney Necklace $20

Bath bombs $4

Bath salts $6

Passport holder and Luggage Tag Set $9

Unicorn Ornament $4

In order to enter to win the giveaway, you will need the Repressing the Crazy Instagram page and like this post, and the tag one person in a comment!:


The giveaway ends December 20, 2017!

repressing the crazy

Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers - Plus a Giveaway!

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