Gift Guide for the Dog Mom

If you have been reading my blog for anytime during the past three years, I am sure it comes to no surprise that I am a very proud dog mom.

Every year, I put a lot of “dog mom” and “Australian Shepherd” items on my wish list. Last year, I got Aussie socks and a Aussie mug, which I still use frequently to this day.

For day five of Blogmas, I decided to give a shout out to all the dog moms out there and create a gift guide. If you have a dog mom in your life, I am sure they would love all of these things (because I know I would).

However, be sure to know the breed of the dog if you are getting a personalized gift. You wouldn’t want to give a Aussie mom a Border Collie mug… we get offended by that kind of thing (ha).

And if you are wondering, you can never have too many dog mom accessories. It is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

Be sure to click around on the above image to find the items online!
Do you have a dog mom in your life that you are shopping for?
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gift guide for the dog mom

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