Workouts you Should Try in 2018

In my three years of blogging, I have occasionally created a few posts on workouts that did really well for me! You can always tell my mindset when I create a workout plan – my winter workout because I was cold, Treadmill workout because I was going to the gym more, etc.

If you are stuck and don’t know where to begin, these four workouts are a good start.

Workouts you Should Try in 2018

Winter Morning Workout

I always stop working out when it gets cold. I like working out outside, and when you take that from me, I give up.

I created this plan to warm up your body and to get your workout over with! I needed something quick and painless to get through this winter!

Treadmill Workout for Non-Runners

This workout is one of my most popular posts of all time! I guess I am not the only person who hates running!

I really wanted a way to burn some calories at my gym – but I wanted to do anything except run. I created this workout because you burn as much as running – but you are just going on steep inclines!

treadmill workout

Squat Challenge

If I go far enough back, I can find my first ever squat challenge!

I have always been one with a little more around the hips – and I decided if that’s my body, then I am going to tone it!

squat challenge

Wake Up Workout

This workout is one I did 3 times, twice daily! I did this when I lost 40 pounds and was trying to keep it off!

During this time, this was probably the most fit I have ever been in my life!

wake up workout

I hope these give you the inspiration to hit your fitness goals!

repressing the crazy

Workouts you Should Try in 2018

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  • Taylor,

    I love easy workouts like this, especially if you’re new to working out!
    When I moved my workouts to the morning, it changed everything so my biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to start a workout routine is to find out what works best for you! These are great!

    Darrian | http://www.darrianmichelle.com