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About Me

My name is Taylor, and I am a 23-year-old basket-case.



That is right, I spend my time juggling my amazing journalism job, my two Australian Shepherd fluffy children, my health and time for this blog. I think that classifies me as a basket-case.

I started this blog in August 2014, as a way to keep me focused. I have always loved learning and perfecting the art of makeup, but I have always been a bit of a crafter.




This wasn’t the first blog I had attempted to start. It was my New Year’s Resolution for many years, and I never followed through until the summer AFTER I had explored Europe.

I hope to inspire people to be confident and love themselves with this blog – and to have a little fun!





1. My favorite animal is a fox!


2. My dogs are named after television shows (Schmidt from New Girl, Fiona from Shameless)

3. I am the oldest of 5, and two of my siblings live with me!


4. I love conversation and learning about new people!

engagement photos

5. My wardrobe is many shades of grey.


6. I have five tattoos.


7. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day.



8. Mexican food is the best food.


9. I love the feeling of a breeze, a cup of coffee, a planner and a good book in the morning.


10. Fall is my favorite season!

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  • Your dog is absolutely adorable! I just got a puppy so I can finally understand people’s love for their dogs. I’ll be sure to check out his instagram.

    • Thanks!
      My love for my dog is ridiculous. They are so fun and so horrible at the same time, haha. Raising a pup is an adventure all on it’s own. It’s definitely worth it though

      • There’s definently up and down’s but it’s easy to see how it’s worth the reward. Especially in the ‘twenty-something’ years though it’s amazing how they’re there when you just need company.

        • For sure! Schmidt has definitely made me more active and healthy. Because of his puppy years, I finally fixed my sleeping schedule because of potty training. They’re little miracle workers

          • That’s so crazy you said that. One reason I got my puppy was to fix my sleep schedule and it truly did work!

  • Your dog is absolutely beautiful!

  • Hello! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! I look forward reading your answer.

  • I love your call to action! It’s why I started my blog too 🙂
    Also.. We share the same blog theme which is pretty cool considering!
    Olivia Jane

  • Would you mind doing a collab with me – I’m doing ‘Full Face Using Beautybay Makeup’, maybe you could do one too and at the end we could see how each others came out in the end. Please reply as quickly as you can.

  • I have an Aussie, too! They’re the best! Love those fluffy, sweet pups.

  • Melissa Wint

    Your pictures are so quirky and cute!


  • Just found your blog. Your dogs are really cute! 🙂