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Tips for Potty Training your Puppy

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NewPetNoStains #CollectiveBias

Potty training is one of the toughest things in a dog mom’s life. When I first got Schmidt, he made it too easy for me. He would howl and cry every time he needed to go outside, so he very rarely had accidents. He was an angel dog.

When I got Fiona, it was a different story.

potty training

Fiona was more focused on playing than using the bathroom every time we would go outside. She would eat leaves and run around in circles, but I could never get her to pee or poo!

After months of trying, we are finally on an upward path to being completely potty trained! She even gets to sleep in the bed now because we have made great strides.

Here are my potty training tips if you are on the struggle bus with your new pup! PLUS, how to deal when accidents do happen with STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover!

Crate Training

Crate training is not for the faint of heart. You have to see quite a few sad puppy faces and some howling – but it is so important in order for potty training. In the beginning, Fiona was only allowed to be free in the house when I was present.

potty training

If I was gone or asleep, she was put into the crate.

In her crate, I left a few toys and her bed. In order for her to feel more comfortable in her crate, I began to feed her there. This made being in her crate a more positive experience. She also began to go to her crate when she was sleepy or she wanted a break from Schmidt.

I didn’t start weaning her from crate life until she was 6 months old. She still is in the crate when I am away, but she is allowed to sleep with me.

Frequent Potty Breaks

When you first get a puppy, it’s good to take them out every hour. I would set an alarm to go off after every hour.

To be honest, there was a lot of wasted potty breaks. However, the effort is so important in order to get your puppy to not have accidents inside!

Once your puppy is a little older, you can space out the timed potty breaks a little bit more.

Create Reward System

If you really want your furbaby to become an expert in the bathroom situation, you have to reward them when they do a good job.

I usually bring a handful of training treats while I bring Fiona outside. If she potties, I tell her she’s a good girl and give her a treat. It is amazing how much this encourages her to pee the minute she goes outside.

Be prepared for accidents with STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover

Now for the part that is inevitable in the potty training process – the accidents.

It is so important to thoroughly clean all messes in order for your puppy to not smell the scent and potty there AGAIN! This is where STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover comes in.

I picked up STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover at my favorite Waco, TX Target! Of course, I ended up buying dog treats and toys along with the spray, but hey, that’s just how Target works.

(CLICK BELOW TO 25 PERCENT OFF STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover AT TARGET. The offer is good from 2/5-3/4)

potty training

You can find STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover in the cleaning aisle at Target!

To use STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover

  1. SPRAY: Spray product liberally and directly on affected areas.
  2. WAIT: Wait 3-5 minutes to allow solution to penetrate the stain.
  3. BLOT: Dampen the spot with water and blot with a clean, colorfast paper towel or cloth. Repeat as necessary to remove the stain. For best results treat stain immediately.

My favorite part about this cleaner is the scent goes away! I am so sensitive to smells, but this destroys all odors! Most cleaners I use only mask the smell.

The ODOR REMOVE™ does more than just eliminating odor, but in addition to cleaning, it protects carpet. It creates an invisible shield to repel dirt to protect against re-soiling, making it easier to clean next time.

But the best part is there is no sticky residue that other cleaners leave behind! The carpet continues to be as soft as ever.

Plus, it’s a versatile cleaner, so on top of taking car of your pet messes, it takes care of everyday stains like coffee, grape juice, jelly, chocolate syrup, ketchup, dirty motor oil, and soil.

STAINMASTER Carpet Pet Stain Remover is not available at all Target locations, but is available online. Click here to find STAINMASTER Carpet Pet Stain Remover, or have it shipped for free, to your local Target store.

What are your tips for when you get a new puppy?

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potty training



How I Keep My Hair Color Strong with Kenra

I started dying my hair color when I was 14 years old. I have had some major hair fails, but for the most part I have been pretty lucky with all of my hair changes.

Currently, my hair is ombre (and in need of a refresher).

Recently, I was able to try out the Kenra Color Charge Shampoo and Conditioner thanks to Influenster (click here to see how you can test things for free). I was very pleased with the results!

hair color

I have a lot of ashy tones in my hair, so it is really important for me to use products designed to protect color or my blonde ends up looking a little green.

The system added warmth to my hair color and made the color vibrant! A lot of products designed specifically for colored hair end up drying my hair out, so I was a little nervous when I first tried Kenra. However, my hair still felt moisturized.

hair color

I also loved that the blonde at the ends of my hair returned to a pretty blonde state. My blonde sometimes goes too brassy or too green, and the shampoo really leveled out the color.

One of the things about ombre is you want your hair color change to look gradual and sorta natural. When the blonde “goes bad”, the hair color looks cheap and not well-maintained.

Overall, ombre is requires little maintenance in terms of going back and forth to the hair stylist. However, you have to do a lot at home to keep the color beautiful and natural.

hair color

With Kenra, ombre becomes extremely easy to have!

What is your favorite way to maintain your hair color?

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The Best System for At-Home Teeth Whitening System – GIVEAWAY

Teeth Whitening

Recently, I have been looking into ways to keep my smile bright at home. I drink a lot of soda and coffee (and maybe a little wine). Plus, I have a long history of struggling with keeping my teeth white.

I have tried whitening strips, whitening toothpaste and taking calcium pills. While these helped clear most of my stains, they were still there. I never considered my smile to be “radiant”.

My smile was always dull, and I had little white spots on the surface of my teeth (learn more about decalcification here). It always annoyed me so much that no matter how hard I tried to make my teeth “shine bright like a diamond”, they still just set there in my mouth, uninspiring.

However, I recently got the chance to try out the Smile Brilliant Whitening System (GIVEAWAY INFO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE).

After using this after one application, it looked like I had gotten my teeth professional whitened, and the system lasts for months!

teeth whitening

teeth whitening

The Process


The first step of the process it getting your custom-fitted trays.

In the mail, you receive your whitening kit with the whitening gel, de-sensitizing gel, and three jars with a playdoh-like substance to create your molds.

The instructions were so easy to follow! To be honest, I think this was the funniest part of my whole experience.

The first thing I learned was I have a small mouth, but it was still easy to get the trays in there to create my mold. The second thing I learned was that I am a drooler, and I wanted to call all my previous dentists and apologize.

After looking absolutely ridiculous, I had my trays ready to mail in.

After a few weeks, I received custom trays that fit perfectly when I used the whitening gel!

teeth whitening

The application process is so easy! You start with a clean mouth and as dry as possible teeth.

Each little injection contains about three “doses” of gel. After applying a thin line into the trays, you just pop them in your mouth and wait. After I whiten, I use the de-sensitizing gel to prevent my teeth from being too sensitive.

teeth whitening

teeth whitening

I usually do this before I go to bed because you can’t eat immediately afterwards. Plus, it’s really cool to wake up with a bright, radiant smile.

NOW FOR THE BEST PART: Try this great kit for free! Here’s how to enter to get your own:

BONUS: Leave a comment on this post about your favorite “staining” drink? (Mine’s Coffee)​

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teeth whitening



The One Thing You Need to Look More Professional – A Steamer

The transition from my college wardrobe to my professional wardrobe was an awkward one. Well, it still is an awkward one.  It has been two years, and the thing I have learned is the one thing you have to have to make every look more professional is a steamer!

In the beginning of my career, I tried ironing my clothes before work. To be honest, I do not know what I am doing. I feel like at the end I have more creases than when I started.

I started to use a handheld steamer from Sterline. This steamer is great because it is portable and easy to carry around.


To use the steamer, you fill the water tank to the fill level. After that, turn the steamer on and wait for it to steam up.

The easy part is that once it is ready, you just steam the clothes. You wont create any more lines when you do with ironing because you don’t actually touch the clothing.

I use the steamer to straighten my sheets, bed skirt, bedding, etc. – all without having to remove them from my bed.

My clothes are always wrinkle free, and I never have to worry about using an ironing board again.

It only takes a few minutes, and the steamer doesn’t get too hot, so you can store it right away.

What do you do to look more professional? *I received this product for testing purposes, all opinions are my own.

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I Lost 7 Pounds in a Month – Thanks Jenny Craig!

Thank you Jenny Craig for sponsoring this post. — Get serious about losing weight with Jenny Craig!
A few weeks ago, I told you I was trying Jenny Craig for the first time. I am now a month in, and I am seven full pounds lighter than before!

Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. I received promotional consideration.

The results from this program have been fantastic! Even now as I enter maintenance, I feel like I can make better decisions on how I eat. I look at portion-control in a whole different way after Jenny!

Every time I have tried to lose weight, I have felt like I am giving up everything to shed the pounds. Before Jenny, I thought this was just the way it worked. You have to give up what you love to become the size you want.

I have completely changed my mind after this program. It isn’t so much about what you eat, but how much you eat of it.

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t just eat pizza and cake everyday in small portions and think your eating healthy. It’s about finding foods that taste good and fuel your body. For me, those foods have become broccoli, mushrooms and brussel sprouts. I can have one delicious street taco and then a plate full of broccoli, and I feel full and satisfied!

I love the frozen food options that Jenny provides as well. Their desserts are amazing! My personal favorite is the Jenny Craig Brownie. As I am writing this, I am eating a plate full of chicken carbonara and broccoli.

Jenny Craig

My favorite thing about Jenny was the constant encouragement from my consultant. Plus, I never wanted to let her down, so I always tried to eat right.

My consultant encouraged me to think about why I eat the way I do every week. She really helped me see that I eat to procrastinate, to deal with emotional problems and because I am bored.

The crazy part is I already knew all of these problems coming into Jenny, but now I feel like I understand how to manage them. When I get hunger crazy, I just make a pot of hearty chicken broth or drink a big glass of water. Sometimes, I even go on a walk to get my mind of whatever is bothering me.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig

Here is a little before and after for fun! The photo in the dress was taken in November, and the photo on the right was taken today!Jenny Craig

Have you ever tried Jenny Craig? If you want to know more, let me know in the comment section below!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Jenny Craig