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International Delight One-Touch Latte First Impression

Every once in a while, something new and interesting is at the grocery store, and I have to try it. Recently, I saw that International Delight created a one-touch latte, and as an avid coffee drinker, I had to try it for myself.

Also, this is not sponsored. I was just curious and wanted to give it a go.

international delight one touch latte review

First, I headed to the grocery store. There were two different types at my grocery store, and I am caramel girl – therefore, I had to try it!

During my first impression, I used a lighter french vanilla coffee, and I added some Truvia to the coffee.

On the bottle, there is a step by step instruction list. This was very helpful and easy to understand.

After using my Keurig, I left about 2/3 empty at the top. This is so you can add the creamer.

International Delight One-Touch Latte First Impression

International Delight One-Touch Latte First Impression

After shaking the can for a second, I added the creamer to my coffee and let if free for about 5-7 seconds.

This is what my coffee looked like after:


To be quite honest, I wasn’t very impressed with the taste. I think I should have used a darker roast (like Folgers Black Silk) to really intensify the latte.

Plus, I honestly could not taste the caramel at all. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t shake it well enough or what happened. When I try it again, I think shaking extremely well will be key for elevating the taste.

Since I wasn’t impressed, I drank the coffee slowly and the froth kind of hardened up on the bottom. This can easily be fixed by drinking your in a timely manner.

I am not giving up on it yet, I will try to shake the can harder.

Stay with me for an update on what my last thoughts are!

Have you tried this yet?

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What’s in my Dogs’ Camping Bag

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.#FeedDogsPurina #CollectiveBias

Everywhere I have lived, there have been amazing places to bring my dogs to hike, camp and walk. Now that I live in Central Texas, I get to enjoy the trails along the Brazos River with my pups!

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

We go on day trips, weekend trips, etc. to explore the great outdoors. If you bring your dog along for an outdoor trip, you need to make sure your bringing the necessities.

The best place to find supplies is at Target. Target has a great cartwheel offer where select Purina products are 20 percent off, so be sure to go take advantage of that for your trip!

Here’s what’s in my dogs’ camping bag:

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag


I always bring a lightweight backpack with me! I put all my personal items near the bottom (pack light), and I put the dogs’ things on top.


To separate my things from my pets, I put a couple of towels on top of my stuff. These are great in case your pet gets wet or dirty.


Dogs are going to get hot outside, so if your not going to a source of drinkable water, be sure to bring tons of extra water! I have a water bottler/waterer for dogs, and I usually pack three more. We normally go to places where water is, so bring more if the situation needs it!


What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

I got this nifty waterproof travel dog bowl a few years ago, and I always take it with me! You can always bring some plastic bowls as well!


Always make sure you bring dog food and treats with you – and if you’re going on a day trip, make sure you are bringing quality dog food.

I have two very different dogs – Fiona is a puppy, and Schmidt is an older dog. This means I have to get them different food.

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

Fiona eats Purina One Smartblend® Healthy Puppy Formula. I love this dog food because not only is chicken the first ingredient, but it contains Omega 3s for Fiona’s coat. Having Australian Shepherds means the dog hair problem is real, and I really appreciate it when my dog’s food contributes to coat health. Plus the formula is gentle on her sensitive stomach.

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag


Schmidt eats Beyond® Superfood Blend Salmon, Egg & Pumpkin Recipe Natural Dog Food. He is getting older, so I make sure his dog food is of high quality. I love the Beyond® brand because all of their products lists the meat as the main ingredient with no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Plus, this blend is great for his coat and bones!

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag(Also, look how much Schmidt enjoys that food!)

We also bring a couple of Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care treats to make sure their breath is great! Keep these in a plastic baggie.

Plus, select Purina products are 20 percent off using this Cartwheel offer at Target in March!



Always be considerate to other hikers and bring poop bags! I also bring a plastic bag to be a poop trash can if I am camping! It’s gross, but we got to do it!


My favorite harness is from Target! Never take your dog on a long walk without a harness. They are so much more comfortable for your dog. Ours from Target is like a shirt, so extremely easy to put on!


Most places require your pet to be on a leash, so make sure you bring a sturdy one!

After you are all set, load up and have some fun!

Now that you have seen what’s in my dogs’ camping bag, what’s your favorite thing to do with your pet?

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

What's in my Dogs' Camping Bag

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REVIEW: HASK Greek Yogurt with Fig & Honey Hydrating Collection

Recently, I got the chance to try out the HASK Greek Yogurt with Fig & Honey Hydrating Collection. The concept is fruit gel and and greek yogurt combine to make a perfect dual-infused product.

My first impression of the product itself was that it was a great idea! The gel and the yogurt is separated until you squeeze it out of the bottle.

For starters, it smells absolutely amazing!

The Fig & Honey is meant for dry, damaged hair – which I definitely have. After using the mask, I noticed my split ends diminished, and my hair seemed way more vibrant!

hask greek yogurt

This is a sponsored post.

What hair products are you loving?

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How to Make a Kitchen Soap Stand

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SoFreshSoFrench #CollectiveBias

It’s been a month since I have been in my house, and I am so obsessed with home decor. I keep creating little parts of my home that make me smile!

Recently, I took my home decor interest and combined it with my real dry skin concern. I created a ceramic white soap stand for my kitchen!


Coming out of the winter and into summer, I have dry, cracked hands. In a effort to bring my hands back to a normal texture, I have made it a rule that I have to lotion after I wash my hands. Also, I have only been using moisturizing soap.

I was sent the new (to the United States) collection from Johnson & Johnson called Le Petit Marseillais™. This brand is popular in France, and the full 17 part collection is available at! You can find it in the specialty bath & body aisle, where loofahs are sold. You can also find the collection online!

Before I was sent the products, my friend had recommended the body wash to me, so I was really excited to give the products a go. She kept raving about the scent of the products.

The products aligned with my dry skin problems so perfectly, and the packaging is so cute. The Le Petit Marseillais™ Orange Blossom Extra Gentle Hand Soap is very moisturizing, and the scent is long lasting.

After drying my hands, I follow through with the Le Petit Marseillais™ Shea Butter, Sweet Almond & Argan Oil Nourishing Body Milk Lotion. This not only smells great, but it keeps my hands from drying out.

The Le Petit Marseillais™ Orange Blossom Extra Gentle Shower Crème Body Wash is like the hand soap, super moisturizing and smells great!

The body washes are paraben-free, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, pH balanced and dye-free.

soap stand


To create this soap stand, you will need the Le Petit Marseillais™ Orange Blossom Extra Gentle Hand Soap, Le Petit Marseillais™ Shea Butter, Sweet Almond & Argan Oil Nourishing Body Milk Lotion, a white ceramic plate, a white ceramic ramekin (or small bowl), a napkin, craft glue and a sponge.

First, lay the plate with the back facing up. Then, line the bottom of the ramekin with craft glue.

After you are done lining with glue, place the ramekin in the center of the back of the plate. Let the craft glue dry.

Soap Stand

When it is completely dry, flip it over and now you have a cake stand!

Soap Stand

Once the soap stand is complete dry, it is time to decorate it!

I set a burlap napkin down as the base, adding all of my kitchen sink essentials.

I placed the soap stand near my sink. Please excuse the terrible tile, my home is a work in progress right about now!

Soap Stand

If you make a ceramic cake stand, be sure to link to your version below!

What is your favorite hand wash scent?

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Soap Stand


4 Swimsuit Trends You Have to Try This Bikini Season

I always prepare for swimsuit season way before it gets here. I always look at the latest swimsuit trends, start self-tanning and get my work-out on.

This year, my swimsuit style has changed so much because I am loving solid black! I used to go for the crazy prints, but now all I want is a high neck, black two piece.

There were many styles that caught my eye (and my wishlist). When you are picking a new swimsuit this year, be sure to consider these swimsuit trends:

All Black

Whether you want a two piece or a one piece, all black swimsuits are slimming and sexy. As I was hunting down my favorites, I just kept adding solid black pieces to my wishlist. Plus, black looks great on all sizes! It is a timeless color, and it is the most on-trend decision you can make this bikini season!


Stripes have always been nautical, but this year, basics are what I am seeing the most of. I am loving the stripe high necks and the stipe one pieces. This year, there are a lot of simple looks, and I am all for it!

High Necks

I will never buy a bathing suit without a high neck again. As someone with larger boobs, I have always felt self-conscious wearing a triangle top or basically any top because I billow out. Plus, bathing suit tops started having padding in them – great for people who need a boost, but for people like me, a living nightmare.

High necks are flattering for all boob sizes, and I think they are amazing I bought the only one I could find 3 years ago, and I am so happy to see them everywhere this year!


Another big trend I have been seeing is strappy accents! I have seen one pieces with strappy backs and bikinis with straps under the boob area.

Either way, this is a fun way to have a unique swimsuit without getting a crazy print!

What is your favorite swimsuit style?

repressing the crazy

swimsuit trends